Every year, the Super Bowl brings big thrills to football fans across the country, pitting the Conference champions against each other for the final matchup of the season. Millions tune in to the televised game, but nothing beats being there live. This year, tickets were 100% mobile as fans watched the Los Angeles Rams take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy on their home turf at SoFi Stadium.

Going fully digital for Super Bowl LVI created a seamless experience for fans as they could both access and transfer tickets before entering the stadium. Plus, it enabled the NFL’s ability to monitor ingress in real-time, ensure tickets were transferred without fraud, and add more fans to their database with accurate ticket chain of custody. 

Streamlines Entry

Managing and monitoring entry has never been easier for Super Bowl support staff. More than 77% of tickets were downloaded on Apple Wallet or Google Pay, making the entry process easier than ever for fans. Leveraging innovative technology like self-service scanning, fans simply needed to bring their phone to the event and, with just a few taps, were ready to head into the stadium. The process was so seamless, that event staff moved 99.6% of fans through the gates all before kickoff.

Eliminates Fraud

All 70,000 Super Bowl LVI tickets were delivered via SafeTix™. Leveraging a rotating barcode which automatically refreshes every few seconds, SafeTix™ reduces the risk of fraud, protecting tickets from being stolen or illegally counterfeited. This protection means NFL fans can trust their tickets are secure so they can focus on the big game instead.

Enhances Chain of Custody

Mobile tickets offered the NFL greater visibility into the full chain of custody of a ticket – allowing for deeper, more meaningful communication with fans. This innovation gives greater insight into who purchased the original ticket, who received a transferred or resold ticket, and who used the ticket to enter the venue. The adoption of this new technology opens many opportunities to better understand fan behavior to create more personalized relationships and experiences.

NFTs Drive Fan Excitement

Mobile ticketing wasn’t the only tech innovation at Super Bowl LVI. Following the successful launch of the NFL Virtual Commemorative Ticket Marketplace powered by Ticketmaster during the regular season, fans attending this year’s Big Game received complimentary, customized virtual commemorative ticket NFTs featuring their unique section, row and seat. The excitement of the Super Bowl experience can now live on for fans who have a digital keepsake to commemorate their gameday experience. Through Ticketmaster’s NFT Marketplace fans can collect, share, trade, and sell their digital collectible NFTs.

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