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Last year, Ticketmaster launched a new way to engage with fans – through NFT-backed Digital Collectibles. Through this technology integrated directly into the fan experience, event organizers could reward fans upon ticket purchase or event entry with a unique digital art piece minted on the blockchain. Much like the ticket stubs of days past, these online digital collectibles signified fandom, proving event attendance and serving as a memento of the epic night for years to come. 

Since its inception, we’ve seen significant growth in the use of digital collectibles as an engagement tool with over 14.5M minted NFTs across 4K events

Now we’ve taken those learnings Down Under – partnering with the AFLW at the end of 2022 to launch the first Digital Collectibles in Australia.

Partnering With the AFL

When preparing for the NAB AFLW Grand Final on November 27, 2022, the AFLW and Ticketmaster knew they wanted to reward footy fans who attended the championship game. Through the integrated technology Ticketmaster provides in this space, the AFLW was able to delight fans with their own digital collectibles to commemorate their time at this once-in-a-lifetime event. 

Every AFL fan who purchased tickets to the game received an email link to redeem their collectible on the Ticketmaster Collectible Marketplace, where they were then able to view their collectible, share it on socials or even give it to a friend. 

Ticketmaster’s NFT-backed Digital Collectibles takes the complexity out of crypto, keeping the process simple, even for “NFT newbies.” And the proof is in the numbers.

With a Click-to-Open-rate of ~44%, well above the industry average (12.4%)1, it’s clear that fans were interested and engaged in this unique addition to their fan experience. 

Collaborating with the AFL on fan engagement strategies is always an exciting experience. We were particularly excited to be a part of something truly groundbreaking – the launch of digital collectibles as a fan engagement strategy. The goal was to create an effortless, intuitive, and captivating experience for fans, and we’re thrilled to say that it was a success. Our team is looking forward to working with the AFL on more innovative strategies in the future.”

Gaven Taylor

Managing Director, Ticketmaster Australia

What’s Next for Digital Collectibles? 

The partnership with the AFLW highlights just one-way NFT-backed Digital Collectibles can be leveraged to enhance the fan experience. In the coming year, Ticketmaster is developing capabilities that leverage digital collectibles to drive loyalty, gamify the experience and reward fans through collectible collection and redemption. These enhancements will further immerse fans into the holistic live event experience in unique ways – on event day and beyond.

Currently, digital collectibles are available in North America and Australia, with new markets rolling out in 2023. Please reach out to your Ticketmaster representative to learn when and how you can leverage this opportunity.

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