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Digital ticketing is elevating live experiences worldwide. Whether a sporting event, concert or theater performance, digital tickets bring any event day to new heights.

Elevate the Fan Experience

A fresh way to engage with your fans, digital ticketing brings a personalized touch to each interaction. Your phone becomes the all-in-one ticket, with features like Add-to-Wallet and in-app viewing ensuring effortless ticket access. This not only simplifies the process but also allows you to customize the experience to your preferences, making every event feel uniquely yours. Fans can seamlessly manage, store and share their tickets with unparalleled ease.

Digitality is as much a part of our league’s DNA as the touchdown. We want to offer ELF fans a digital experience that goes far beyond the game. All channels are geared towards this. We have been focusing on digital tickets since the start in summer 2021 and are proud to have Ticketmaster at our side as a partner that plays a pioneering role in this area and is a perfect fit for us,”

Zeljko Karajica

CEO of The European League of Football

Streamline Event Entry

Simplify event entry with digital ticketing, enabling a seamless experience with shorter wait times. Fans can quickly move through lines with phone scanning, tap-and-go, and enhance the entry process by easily sharing and transferring digital tickets—all tied to their account. This integration not only elevates their experience but also allows you to anticipate and cater to their needs, providing a streamlined solution for problem-solving should any issues arise.

Additionally, with the integration of a software development kit (SDK), clients can further enhance this experience with things like real-time notification updates or in-app purchases, ensuring fans are always on time for their favorite performer or team.

Enhance Security

Ensure peace of mind by minimizing fraud risks through the use of QR codes and encrypted barcodes. By guaranteeing the authenticity of your tickets, your fans will have a worry-free event day, giving them the confidence to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

The Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix demonstrated the true potential of digital ticketing, attracting a record-breaking 445K fans with an impressive 99% mobile ticket delivery rate.

Embrace digital tickets for a seamless and secure way for fans to enjoy your events!

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