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On average, 30%+ of Ticketmaster fans travel 100+ miles to their event, confirming the connection between live entertainment and travel. Enter Ticketmaster Travel: a solution that invites fans to explore unforgettable trips and travel opportunities as they browse out-of-town event tickets. Check out the benefits of Ticketmaster Travel and how it up-levels your event planning experience, freeing up more time for you to get excited about your upcoming trip!

Understand Fan Travel 

Unlock New Revenue Streams

Ticketmaster Travel opens doors to new revenue streams with thoughtful upsell and premium experience offerings. For some fans, the value is in streamlining their research with hotel bundles. Just think of all the possibilities when you bundle hotel stays, dining experiences and exclusive event access all in one place.

Embrace Effortless Integration

Effortlessly enhance the ticket purchasing experience with all-inclusive packages customized to fans’ preferences. This positions the ticket offer as central to the full-trip adventure, making your marketplace unique. Whether it’s a weekend escape with friends to catch their favorite artist or a solo trip for a bucket list sporting event, this smooth integration offers the ‘one-stop shop’ that modern fans value. 

Elevate the Experience

Ticketmaster Travel goes beyond convenience. It brings both flexibility and security to ticket buyers, making sure reservations are handled smoothly even if tours change or events get rescheduled. Because of the close partnerships between promoters and travel partners, reservations through Ticketmaster Travel can be easily updated according to what’s happening with the event date(s).

Proven Success with Coldplay

Exclusive Coldplay bundles in Australia combined concert tickets and hotel stays, resulting in the rapid sell-out of over 3,000 tickets and 1,500 hotel rooms within just two days of their release. Travel bundles generated a staggering $2M+ in revenue, underscoring the immense potential of integrated ticket and travel packages.

Crafting Exceptional Moments for Kylie Minogue Fans

For the launch of Kylie Minogue’s residency at The Venetian Hotel, experiential packages through Ticketmaster Travel offer tickets, exclusive after-parties, welcome gifts from Kylie and much more. Tailored for platinum fans, these packages are meticulously designed to deliver unforgettable moments and cherished memories.

Fans want the excitement of their live event to blend with the thrill of exploring new places. So kick start your fans’ global adventure with Ticketmaster Travel and get ready to elevate their event travel experience!

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