Meet Timmy Gorham, the dedicated Director of Ticketing at Big Night Entertainment, an event company based out of Boston, Massachusetts. With over 15 years of experience in live events and entertainment, Timmy leads a team of event professionals who work tirelessly to create unforgettable events for fans. At the heart of their mission is Ticketmaster’s TM1, an end-to-end event management platform. Together, Gorham and his team utilize TM1 to ensure that each aspect of event day runs smoothly, taking care of the heavy lifting and making the entire process seamless for fans.

Kickstarting Event Day

When Gorham first arrives at one of Big Night Entertainment’s vibrant venues, he immediately logs into TM1. Within minutes he can quickly understand the pulse of business: how ticket sales are trending, understanding pricing level sell-through and refreshing the latest event schedules. 

Then, Timmy has to make sure his team and their scanners are prepared for the busy day ahead. He and the team activate Ticketmaster’s scanners and seamlessly connect them to the WiFi network. They have a few new team members starting – but the onboarding is easy with on-demand training resources. They discuss their staffing plans for the day and strategize plans for entry. 

Once the team is ready to go, he logs back into TM1 to monitor sales again, this time to decide if he wants to release additional GA tickets, because he might be able to accommodate even more fans for tonight’s show.

It’s showtime and fans are beginning to arrive. The team is at the doors, armed with their scanners, ready to greet fans and welcome them in. As they scan fans and their SafeTix in with confidence, Timmy monitors ingress from the box office right in TM1: he can easily identify where his newer team members may need extra support. Gone are the days of delays caused by clunky scanners and manual barcode loading.

Back in the day, if the barcodes didn’t work, the box office manager would have to go to the box office, print out new tickets, get a new barcode, and take up a bunch of time. It’s great there are more options today.”

Timmy Gorham

Director of Ticketing, Big Night Entertainment

The flexibility of digital ticketing technology has unlocked a whole new level of efficiency for Big Night Entertainment. With multiple venues with events on the same night, in the same building, TM1 lets Gorham handle it all. In TM1 Entry, He can move scanners from one venue to another, monitor entry for all shows and track window sales throughout event day. 

Encore Is Just Beginning

Fans head home after an unforgettable night while Gorham and his team stick around to work on post-event reporting with the help of TM1 Reports.

“The app is awesome. I can share access to TM1 Reports with my managers, so they can access our event data on the go from their phones to even their Apple Watches,” he shares. “You can see sales trends, and it’s so simple to understand different ticket types, attendance records, number of tickets scanned versus purchased and more.”

screenshot of tm1 reports on laptop

Thanks to the accessibility and the user-friendly nature of TM1 Reports, Timmy and his team easily analyze the data to draw conclusions that will continue making each Big Night Live event a success. 

A big thank you to Timmy Gorham from Big Night Entertainment for sharing his Ticketmaster story. We’re honored to have played a part in creating successful events and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional ticketing experiences for all.

Want to learn more about Ticketmaster’s TM1 Technology? Get in touch with us.

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