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It’s event day at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC, and Marina Jaramillo, Director of Arena Ticketing, is preparing for the evening’s spectacular show. Armed with a decade of ticketing experience and the power of TM1, Marina is ready to create an unforgettable, and easier-than-ever, event day.

Preparing for The Big Day

Leading up to event day, Jaramillo kicks off event creation by logging into TM1 for seat map scaling updates. With the help of TM1, what used to take hours can now be completed in just minutes “With TM1 Events, we’ve streamlined our workflow and can have an event built within 30 to 60 minutes,” she exclaims. 

Jaramillo also appreciates the platform’s flexibility, unlocking the ability to set up presale and settlement codes, set ticket limits and build the perfect ticket design. And the best part? Complete independence. Marina can complete a majority of the setup without waiting on a programming team.

With collaboration at the center of event success, Marina shares access with promoters to expedite the process and guarantee that pricing is correct across the board. Thanks to TM1’s ability to both scale a venue and develop floor plans, the platform ensures a top-notch event creation experience for both Marina and promoters.

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Tomorrow X Together takes the stage at Spectrum Center on May 6, 2023, with an unforgettable performance.

TM1 Improving the Fan Experience

In the dynamic world of live events, last-minute changes are all too common. To address this challenge, Marina’s team leverages TM1 Events to set up entry pre-event with meticulous planning and well-defined rules. The platform’s real-time editing capabilities provide the flexibility needed to adapt quickly without requiring additional support. “Timelines are constantly changing, so having the ability with TM1 to alter timelines, change pricing and scaling has been really successful for us,” Marina explains.

At the core of her role is ensuring that fans have a positive experience from purchase to performance, regardless of their age or familiarity with digital platforms. Marina’s team strategically uses TM1 Entry and SafeTix™ to streamline the process of getting fans to their seats with ease. “SafeTix and digital ticketing have become the new industry standard, but I still think of my grandfather attending a concert without a mobile phone and having a physical ticket,” Marina shares. “We want to ensure that everyone has a great experience regardless of their comfort level with technology.”

By focusing on the setup of entry in TM1 pre-event, Marina’s team efficiently handles potential challenges, providing seamless experiences for attendees and optimizing the event’s success.

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Post-Show Partnership

As fans head on home, Marina collaborates with both the finance team and the event’s promoter to balance out any remaining financial settlements. “TM1 Reports has been such a helpful resource during settlement,” Marina says while emphasizing its efficiency above all. And just like pre-show pricing and scaling, Marina can extend TM1 access to promoters, so they can pull audits and sales data on their own and close the book on event day.

A big thank you to Marina Jaramillo from Spectrum Center for sharing her Ticketmaster story. We’re thrilled to play a part in creating positive memories for both fans and venue staff alike.

Want to learn more about Ticketmaster’s solutions for your event? Get in touch with us.

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