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As we celebrate International Women’s History Month, we want to take a moment to highlight a few of the exceptional women at Ticketmaster that help make Ticketmaster a global leader in the entertainment industry – every day! We asked each of them to share their advice for individuals embarking on a career in the ticketing and entertainment field. Check out their insightful responses:

Katarzyna Suska – TM Poland MD, SVP TM Women

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Suska: Look for opportunities to learn and be very intentional about what you have to learn. Seek out opportunities that provide new experiences and new challenges. Also, try to surround yourself with people who believe in you, who you can rely on and who can transfer knowledge to you. Look for mentors and seek advice. And a-l-w-a-y-s stay true to yourself – over time you will build your own recognizable brand. Bear in mind that this business is not easy and requires many sacrifices, but at the same time it is extremely rewarding and satisfying, so celebrate your successes, even the smallest ones!

Dorothy Abrams – VP, Global Product Marketing, B2B

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Abrams: First, sign up for industry news and thought leadership, read, read and read – understand how industry professionals think about the dynamics of ticketing, streaming, fan engagement, routing and a variety of topics in this fast-paced industry. Get knowledgeable on digital engagement  – a quickly evolving space, from social media to blockchain and NFTs. This is how the industry builds deep relationships with fans beyond event day – and you want to be where the fans are. Establish mentorship –  it takes time and hustle to ‘break in’. Build meaningful relationships with people you look up to and see how they operate and build the future of entertainment.

Tshiamo Monyobo – South Africa, Marketing, Marketing Manager for Ticketmaster & Big Concerts International – Live Nation

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Monyobo: Go with the flow. Our industry is multi-faceted: don’t limit the trajectory of your career to one particular field unless your goal is to become a specialist in that area. Being well-rounded borrows from a variety of skills, detours and experiences.

Patti-Anne Tarlton – Live Nation Global Lead for Ticketmaster

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Tarlton: I encourage people to push themselves to ‘travel solo’ from time to time to nurture and grow their network. For example, walk into an industry cocktail reception without the same someone by your side. This naturally pushes you to engage with people that you don’t already know. Listen and learn from their stories.

Karoline Lindstrøm – Denmark, Client & Event Services, Client Support Specialist

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Lindstrøm: Do not be afraid to be curious, assertive and ambitious. Most often when you take chances, voice your opinion or ask questions doors are opened, not closed. Be bold, the industry needs bold women.

Pavlína Stejskalová – Czech Republic, Operations Manager

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Stejskalová: I recommend keeping an open mind, be creative, DON´T BE AFRAID OF CHANGES and step out of your comfort zone. I suppose that sometimes we are afraid to say: I don’t know, I don’t understand or I don’t have any opinions on this topic. But I think that it’s something only in our mind and it’s very useful to say that there’s nothing wrong and it’s absolutely normal.

At Ticketmaster, we’re proud to celebrate and support our team of women from around the world today and every day. We want to thank all of our TM Women for their invaluable contributions, and we look forward to continuing to celebrate them.

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