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We know that when you need support, you need it now. Our Client Support Community is built to help you train your staff, improve your product expertise, and inspire you with new ways to use our products. Alongside the incredible support provided by your Ticketmaster representative, the Support Community’s knowledge articles, educational videos, training sessions, and new AI-powered search functionality are available to help you quickly find the answers you need.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Our Support Community hosts 920 documents, 170 pre-recorded videos, and over 1,500 knowledge articles — all you need is a TM1 login. These documents are available anytime you want, whether you’re just learning about Ticketmaster products or looking to stay up to date on new features. The best part is our new AI-powered search function will easily search through all the content in seconds, surfacing the most relevant answers so you don’t have to worry about missing a beat!

Attend expert-led training sessions

Looking for a more hands on approach? Don’t be shy about signing up for a training session! Our training sessions are available for sign ups ahead of time and are recorded in case you can’t make it. These training sessions are a fantastic way to directly ask questions and see how the product works. We offer multiple trainings and there is no limit to how many sessions you can join. Feel free to invite your team members or send along sessions to your staff.

Contact a Representative

If at any point you still have questions, our support team is here to help! There are numerous ways to get in touch: you can chat with our virtual assistant, email your event management, contact your representative, or submit a case online. Good news is we’ve integrated our AI-powered search function into the case submission process as well. This way, as you fill in your case submission form, our site will surface various articles, videos, or documents you may have not seen, helping you get the answers you need without having to wait for a reply. 

No matter the question, we are here to help you find the answer. We are always looking for ways to improve, so please feel free to drop us a line on what you’d like to see more of and what we can do better to partner with you.

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