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You have successfully implemented your SEO plan for your Broadway site, but now what? It’s time to measure your results to make sure you’re hitting all of your KPIs for the season. In the final chapter of our SEO series, you’ll learn what metrics to track, measure and collect to keep your number one fans engaged and coming back for more.

Why Track Your Results?

Whether you’re a venue manager or event marketer, tracking your SEO results will help you understand what’s working and what needs improvement on your site. With a free tool like Google Search Console, you can evaluate the impact of your content and make necessary changes for future events. Get an overview of your search performance, make HTML improvements, understand mobile usability and much, much more.

Metrics That Matter 

When reviewing your SEO plan, there are a number of metrics you can evaluate to understand your business. Below are a few that we find helpful when tracking data from your site:

Organic Traffic: Traffic that you receive from the search engine results page (SERP) without any ad placements. For example, when a fan searches for ‘nyc broadway shows near me’ and clicks on your event page.

Click-through Rate (CTR): The percentage of fans who come to your site after seeing one of your pages in search results. For example, if 10 fans search for your event and only 2 click through to your page, the CTR is 20%.

Average Position: The average between keyword variations. For example, if you rank in position 3 for ‘musical near me’ and position 5 for ‘ny theater shows’, your average position rank is 4.

Page Experience Core Web Vitals: A set of metrics that measure a site’s user experience: load speed, interactivity and visual stability. Understand how quickly a fan can engage with your site.

Conversions: Metrics that result from your event goals and are calculated by sales/visits or leads/visits. This helps quantify whether you’re targeting the right type of organic traffic intent. For example, a successful SEO strategy drives a record number of fans to your website – resulting in your first sold-out show in years!

As you begin to track and pay attention to these metrics on an ongoing basis, you’ll begin to set benchmarks for your results. If any metrics seem low comparatively, check out our previous articles in the series to see what you can do to improve: Increase Your Event Visibility With SEO, The Ultimate Technical SEO Checklist and 4 Content Tips To Boost Your SEO

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