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To attract fans to your Ticketmaster event, a successful content marketing strategy is essential. In the second part of our SEO series, we’ll be discussing how to use SEO ‘off-the-page’ when ranking on search engines. See below for 4 important tips!

1. Define Your Keyword

To begin, select a keyword that best describes your event with the goal of ranking on a search engine results page, like Google and Bing. Tools like Semrush help you choose keywords most relevant to your topic through its robust research database. On a Semrush dashboard, you can see related keywords, monthly search volume, difficulty (how hard it would be to rank on the first page of Google for the keyword) and much, much more.

2. Conduct a Competitor Analysis

Select 3-5 competitors and analyze their positioning in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This insight will let you isolate any gaps, which you can leverage as an SEO opportunity, helping drive your event’s business goals.

3. Ensure Required SEO Elements 

Be sure to reference SEO technical elements like title tags, URLs, header tags and internal links. Each item will significantly improve your page’s crawlability on search engines.

  • Title Tag: Clickable headline for the search result that shows within the first 50–60 characters of the search engine results page (SERP).
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  • URL: Includes targeted keywords that are concise and descriptive to improve your site’s search visibility. 
  • Header Tags: H1-H6 designated structures within your content. H1s should align within the page’s title tag and incorporate targeting keywords. For best results, include one to three heading levels within your content.
  • Links: Internal links will encourage users and search engines to discover the content on your site.
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For further details on the above, check out our recent post, The Ultimate Technical SEO Checklist.

4. Produce, Promote & Deploy 

Remember, content is not finished once it’s published! Regularly visit your page to review its performance and enhance it with any fresh data or user insights – like conducting a fresh, new keyword gap analysis in Semrush. And share your content on social media so your fans stay engaged, connected and excited about your upcoming live event.

Stay tuned for Data Mining for SEO in the next part of our SEO series. If you would like to discuss further SEO marketing tips, please reach out to your Ticketmaster Account team.

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