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In the ever-changing landscape of fan preferences, sports teams require innovative partners to cultivate their next generation of fans. Nexus Partner, seasonshare, has emerged as a valuable asset in this pursuit. Through their synchronized ticketing programs, seasonshare provided the Sacramento Kings and their affiliate, the Stockton Kings, with convenience and flexible pricing options. Learn how seasonshare’s Pass product transformed the fan ticketing experience for these teams, resulting in revenue generation, enhanced fan engagement and increased satisfaction.

Scoring Big with the Kings Pass: Slam Dunk Revenue & Fan Satisfaction

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The Kings Pass monthly subscription program has been a slam dunk, generating an impressive $580K in revenue last year for the Sacramento Kings. This innovative subscription offers fans a predetermined number of home games, eliminating the hassle of purchasing individual tickets and redefining convenience and flexibility. It particularly appeals to a younger demographic, providing them with an affordable and digital-friendly ticketing option that aligns with their preferences and lifestyle.

The program’s popularity is undeniable, and the proof is in the numbers.

Thanks to the seamless collaboration between seasonshare and Ticketmaster, ticket delivery becomes effortless. Say goodbye to physical tickets and hello to a hassle-free digital experience.

Fast Break: Dribble Through Last-Minute Thrills & Digital Swishes

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The Fast Break feature is a game changer as a parallel offering alongside the Kings Pass. Subscribers gain the ultimate advantage — with access to last-minute ticket releases, exclusive offers and unforgettable experiences tied to Kings games. Fast Break ensures fans stay ahead of the game by securing seats, even in limited-availability scenarios. 

Due to the high demand for first-round playoff tickets, the Kings utilized the Fast Break product to offer standing-room-only (SRO) and last-minute inventory to Kings fans through push notifications on their mobile application. This approach proved highly effective, enabling the team to distribute over $300K worth of inventory to Kings fans who had previously downloaded the team’s mobile app. This season was truly exceptional as the Kings made their first playoff appearance since 2006, resulting in over $394K in playoff ticketing revenue.

As part of the Nexus Partner Program, seasonshare offers a comprehensive suite of products that change the game for revenue generation and enhanced fan engagement. Three key products — Pass, Flow and Flex — empower venues to launch customized initiatives, redefining the way fans attend sporting events:

  • Pass: Engaging Younger Audiences Through Subscription-based Access
    • The Pass product enables venues to engage younger audiences by offering subscription-based access to unsold tickets. This innovative approach appeals to the preferences and lifestyles of the target demographic, providing them with an affordable and digital-friendly ticketing option.
  • Flex: Personalized Bundled Ticket Packages
    • Flex allows venues to create personalized bundled ticket packages tailored to fans’ specific needs. This flexibility ensures that fans can select packages that align with their preferences and budgets, enhancing their overall game experience.
  • Flow: Facilitating Enhanced Fan Programs
    • Flow facilitates a range of programs, including seat upgrades, group ticketing and more. By leveraging Flow, venues can implement initiatives that enhance fan experiences and foster a sense of community among supporters. 

With our Nexus partnerships, we provide flexible, convenient and cost-effective solutions for businesses like yours. To learn more about how our Nexus partnerships can drive flexible solutions for your business, please contact us by completing this form.

About seasonshare

seasonshare makes the thrill of live entertainment more accessible to younger fans through ticketing technology that aligns teams and venues with the next generation of sports consumers. Our subscription (Pass), last-minute (Flow), and credit-based (Flex) ticketing solutions solve the most immediate problems in live event attendance – for teams, getting young fans off the couch and into the venue, and for fans, creating personalized, flexible ticketing options. 

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