Flexible Ticketing Models

New generations of fans are filling up venues and new ticketing models have emerged — like monthly subscription packages and social sharing features — offering unprecedented flexibility and reflecting the purchasing habits of Millennial and Gen Z fans.

Embracing new ticketing models does more than just introduce new pricing strategies or broaden our audience; it directly connects with the heart of what younger fans value most — flexibility, convenience, and digital-first experiences. By understanding and adapting to their preferences, we’re building communities and expanding ticket accessibility to ensure new generations of fans continue to enjoy the thrill of live events.

Working with Nexus certified partner seasonshare, the Sacramento Kings developed the Kings Pass monthly subscription pass. This innovative subscription offers fans a set number of home games, eliminating the hassle of purchasing individual tickets and redefining convenience and flexibility. The program particularly appeals to younger fans, providing them with an affordable, digital-friendly ticketing option that aligns to their lifestyle — and generating an impressive $580K in revenue last year for the Sacramento Kings.

Want a deeper dive into the ticketing industry’s latest trends, including the impact of flexible ticketing models? Check out our 2024 State of Ticketing: Innovation in Ticketing Technology report — now available exclusively to Ticketmaster clients.

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