Tennis stadium filled with fans.

Ticketmaster’s SafeTix™ technology makes digital ticketing even more valuable. While enhancing the onsite experience from sale to scan, you also gain powerful visibility into your fan database and streamline venue operations. This year’s 2022 US Open saw incredible results with SafeTix, scanning in more than 776K tennis fans with ease.

The 2022 US Open

Every summer, tennis fans from all over the world lace up and head over to the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center to cheer on their favorite athletes at the final Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year! This year, even with an attendance increase of 5%, SafeTix was helping fans get in faster than ever. In the second year with SafeTix in tow, mobile entry rates were at an all-time high – with 96% of fans using SafeTix to enter and adding 100K+ new names to their fan database.

With fans ranging in different comfort levels of technology, the USTA wanted to ensure everyone understood how to access their tickets ahead of the Open. They emailed fans in advance with entry tips, shared FAQs on their site and trained all staff on training and troubleshooting. The result? Flawless entry with a record number of fans in attendance.

Our Partnership at Work

As the official ticketing partner for the US Open, we take pride in partnering for a great tournament each year. And this year, we experienced record-breaking numbers:

Streamlined Event Entry

Through simple, self-service scanning, attendees arrived at the stadium with just their phones and were able to tap to enter! 70% of SafeTix attendees used the ‘Add-To-Wallet’ feature, streamlining the process of event entry even further (+7% over 2021).

Fraud Protection

SafeTix tickets are digitally encrypted, greatly reducing the risk of ticket fraud. Fans from all over the world were able to rest assured knowing their tickets were safe, secure and ready for them.

Building Fan Relationships 

With Ticketmaster’s fully-integrated suite, the USTA successfully understood and marketed to their growing fanbase to drive deeper fan engagement. The 2021 first-time buyers who purchased again in 2022 drove over 34K tickets sold in this past year’s event. From its record attendance and new fans identified, the US Open is ready to break records again in 2023!

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