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At this year’s INTIX Conference, we showcased how the future of sales will change box offices, how our tools help clients create events from start to publish, and shared digital ticketing best practices to streamline entry.

From our private one-on-one sessions with product experts, we hope clients and attendees walked away inspired, excited, and ready to shape the future of ticketing together. While there were countless moments of incredible ideation, here’s our top three takeaways:

1. Methods Of Entry are Forever Evolving

Developing product and technology solutions is critical to meet the expectations for staff and fans alike. Everything that had previously felt “futuristic” about contactless entry is now front and center to help lead this new age of live entertainment. If you haven’t started your transition to mobile yet, it’s a great time to make the shift.

Fans are more prepared than ever to adopt mobile and experience a seamless entry. Mobile improves ingress, offering much more flexibility for how you manage and monitor entry.  And, staff will feel better equipped at entry when leveraging innovative technology like our Janam Scanners that use intuitive self-service scanning devices. 

2. Fans Expect Early Communication on All Channels

Digital ticketing is the new norm — but for some fans, it still feels like the future.  We’ve built out great resources on our Digital Ticketing Toolkit for clients to leverage as the shift to mobile continues so fans know what to expect. Here are a few tips to use when communicating with fans: 

  1. Don’t be shy! The earlier you communicate with fans and staff the better, as it gives fans time to ask questions and your team enough time to reinforce messaging.
  2. Use all channels at your disposal. You can send emails, create a dedicated section on your website for FAQs, send push notifications to their phones, or share how-to videos. 

3. Mobile & Self-Service Are Here to Stay 

One thing is for sure, mobile and self-service are here to stay. Not only are fans “open to it,” they have an active desire for mobile ticketing and love being empowered from the palm of their hands. While many clients had already made the shift, we saw a dramatic increase in adoption over the last two years, bringing us to over 80% mobile entry use across Ticketmaster clients.

As mobile adoption accelerates, we are continuing to invest and improve our mobile ticketing experience with a range of enhancements that expedite entry, increase your venue customizability, and elevate the fan experience.

Want to learn more? Check out our upcoming blog for digital ticketing best practices that help streamline entry and prepare your fans for a great day. Plus, stay tuned to learn how to mobilize your box office to meet the needs of your fans. 

If we missed you at INTIX or you want to deep dive into our products, check out our Ticketmaster Support Community page.

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