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In the fast-paced world of event promotion, quickly capturing your fans’ interest is now more critical than ever. At Ticketmaster, we know TikTok — with its massive 1 billion monthly users — provides event marketers with an extraordinary opportunity to connect with fans and boost ticket sales. For almost 40% of Gen Z audiences, TikTok has become their search engine of choice1.

Through our partnership and integrations with TikTok, we’ve developed strategic solutions that both enhance in-app organic event discovery and offer streamlined campaign setup solutions to optimize paid advertising. Additionally, we have a team of consultative experts who can help you activate strategic campaigns directly in TikTok, as well as other leading social channels, all to help you make the right connections in today’s increasingly complex digital landscape. 

Let’s explore how Ticketmaster can help you manage TikTok and make your events stand out in the crowd. 

Elevated User Experience Meets Enhanced Event Exposure

TikTok offers you the ability to strategically reach a younger audience. Especially favored by Gen Z for entertainment and quick information consumption, it’s a key channel for the right fan engagement. 

Already launched in the US, this partnership has big plans for expansion to new markets on the horizon. Made possible through Ticketmaster’s Distributed Commerce team, this unique partnership with TikTok introduces a smooth in-app event discovery and ticketing experience for global fans. This free and seamless integration empowers TikTok creators to effortlessly add Ticketmaster destination links to their videos before sharing with followers, organically enhancing event exposure to existing and new fans through viral content.

Upon posting videos containing Ticketmaster links, fans can easily view them in the video description. A simple click guides users to the chosen event or artist details within the in-app browser, all within the TikTok ecosystem, making it easier for fans to connect to the events they’re interested in and driving traffic to your event. Explore “How TikTok and Ticketmaster are Tapping into Gen Z” for further insights on leveraging this partnership.

Simplifying Pixel Placements for Event Success

In today’s digital marketing landscape, connecting your paid advertising campaigns directly to your point of sale is the key to driving efficient and effective ad spend. And coming soon, you can make this happen with our marketing suite in TM1. 

TM1 Marketing’s innovative pixel tool streamlines your paid marketing efforts. Effortlessly place tags from 20+ leading vendors — including TikTok — to launch your campaigns at your speed and improve your campaign reporting. TM1 Marketing’s pixel tool sets a new efficiency standard by giving you the control and efficiency to achieve what once took weeks in minutes, so you can capture the moment and go viral in a Tik.

For more information about placing your TikTok campaign pixels, check out our TikTok Integration Guide. You can also find additional pixel resources in our Support Community.

Harness TikTok Magic with Our Expert Team

Juggling campaigns across different channels can get complicated. Ticketmaster’s Marketing Solutions team offers a tailored service to remove the guesswork from live event media campaign management. 

Our skilled experts manage campaigns across various platforms, including TikTok. With a keen understanding of what resonates with fans, we provide complete campaign management. While you focus on event details, our team handles your TikTok campaigns, from media planning to strategic deployment. Our goal is simple: make your events shine on TikTok, capturing attention, boosting engagement and driving ticket sales.

Interested in Ticketmaster’s Marketing Solutions? Contact your Ticketmaster Representative today.

A Dynamic Ecosystem for Success

In the evolving world of event promotion, innovation and adaptation are central to success. The TikTok solutions that Ticketmaster provides give event marketers new tools for attracting audiences, boosting sales, and increasing event exposure – a dynamic ecosystem for success. By harnessing these solutions, we enable your events to shine and make the most out of TikTok.


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