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Digital ticketing is the new norm — but for some fans, it still feels like the future. As digital experts, we know fan experiences are better when they know what to expect.

Here are 4 best practices to help bring your fans up to speed and transform how they experience live. 

1. Communication is Key

Send emails and push notifications to their phones, create a dedicated section on your website for FAQs, or share how-to videos. It’s important to keep messages simple, consistent and use visuals or illustrations where possible. However you decide to communicate, we recommend starting early. Don’t be shy! Fans are thinking about the event way before it happens. If you’re looking for inspiration or place to start, check out our Smart Event Toolkit with assets for everything you need.

2. Educate Your Fans

Show fans how to transfer their tickets and then encourage them to do it. Ticket transferring streamlines entry: fans won’t have to wait outside for their friends and your staff won’t have to wait to scan multiple tickets on a single phone. Transferring also adds more names to your database, letting you build a relationship with the new fans going forward. You can also show fans how to add their ticket to their wallet so they can avoid any unforeseen connection issues on the day of the event. 


3. Train Your Staff

Getting your team on board is crucial to a smooth launch and everyone plays an important part! We recommend gathering your staff at least 30 minutes before the event for an in-person training session. Make sure every ticket taker has a scanner. If you’re using handheld scanners, power up ahead of time so any software updates can happen automatically and check to ensure the batteries are fully charged. Have the staff prepared to advise fans on how they can scan in properly. 


4. Troubleshoot Live

Live events are well… live!  So making sure your team is ready to address fans real-time is critically important to a great experience. Educate staff how to identify and troubleshoot tickets, including added value tickets and how to help a fan transfer a ticket. Plus, you can monitor entry progress using TM1 Entry. If you identify congestion or change in scanning speed at one of your entry points, you deploy your team to an area that needs support.

By implementing these best practices you’ll get fans and staff feeling more and more comfortable with digital ticketing everyday and ensure your fans keep coming back! 

To learn more about digital ticketing, visit our Product Education space in TM1 Support Community. For more information on Ticketmaster’s innovative solutions, contact us by completing this form

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