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Every day our marketing engine is hard at work, selling thousands of events to fans who are actively searching for their perfect tickets. And Ticketmaster’s SEO team plays a critical part in this, ensuring your events are optimized for discovery. In addition to our always-on SEO efforts, there are things you can do too to help your event rank as high as possible on search engines. In part one of our SEO series, we’re going to walk through an SEO checklist that prioritizes the technical aspects of your website. Let’s take a look!

SEO Checklist:

Mobile-Friendly Design

With almost 80% of tickets being sold on mobile, and the average fan searching 4x before transacting, it’s more important than ever to have a smartphone-friendly website as part of your SEO strategy. To make sure your web interface is responsive and fast, add simple yet descriptive navigation menus and create properly-sized assets relevant to your event.

SEO-Friendly URL

To create a simple and friendly URL structure (like the one shown below), consistency and clarity are key. Some quick tips include adding readable words in place of long ID numbers, using hyphens to separate your words and incorporating highly-targeted keywords to guarantee easy readability for search engines. 

seo url structure

HTTPs Security

Make sure to leverage HTTPS across all URLs on your site to help ensure security for your users and protect the integrity of your website. You can rest assured that all of your Ticketmaster event URLs start with HTTPS.

Page Speed

Page speed is a critical ranking factor for search engines as well as for fans looking for their favorite event. To check up on your page speed, you can run a test to optimize the suggested areas of improvement for stronger speed performance. A quicker page speed will help maintain fan engagement, minimize exit rates and improve rankings in search results. 

Linking opportunities

Place links throughout your site as they promote content discovery and play a key role in improving your SEO ranking. Consider links to prior successful events, a link to the hosting venue or a link to the corresponding Facebook Official Event – the opportunities are limitless!

In case you missed it, check out Increase Your Event Visibility With SEO to understand the basics of SEO and the benefits of combining it with your paid marketing strategy. Also, stay tuned for our next article in this SEO series on enhancing your event with SEO. If you would like to discuss further SEO marketing tips, please reach out to your Ticketmaster Account team.

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