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Gliding into their 2021-22 season, the Calgary Flames focused on how to grow, retain and nurture their single-ticket purchasers. To begin this process, the Flames partnered with StellarAlgo, an intuitive platform that helps sports and live audience organizations quickly and cost-effectively organize, analyze and leverage their fan data and make successful business decisions. 

Gaining a Deep Understanding of Fans to Drive Conversion 

The Flames’ marketing team worked collaboratively with StellarAlgo to understand and segment their fanbase. Using their fan data and StellarAlgo’s proprietary machine-learning technology, the Flames were able to conduct live audience insights into their fans’ behavior and preferences. With the automation of their ticketing feed, The Flames uncovered details on how and when to contact fans to maximize conversion and improve customer lifetime value.

Turning Insights into Effective Marketing

The Calgary Flames leveraged these insights to execute personalized outreach campaigns using customized email and paid social advertising. Based on recommendations from StellarAlgo, the Flames focused on reaching out within 24-72 hours following a fan’s attendance at a home game. Over the course of the 2021-22 season, the Flames team implemented personalized recommendations on more than 80 unique customer segments throughout the season. 

The Numbers Say it All! 

The strategy used by the Calgary Flames proved to be particularly effective with new fans, what StellarAlgo refers to as “First-Known Attendees.” Improving data capture and understanding their fanbase helped the Flames to effectively and efficiently attract and retain new fans for the Flames. From strategizing promotions based on opponent and day-of-the-week to winning back single-game ticket buyers from the past, StellarAlgo had demonstrated trust, efficiency and bottom-line results for the Flames.

Take a peek below at some of the wins the Calgary Flames realized using the StellarAlgo platform:  

  • 96,000+ first-known attendees identified  
  • Over 25% of new fans returned to purchase one or more additional games  
  • $1.3M revenue from new fans who have returned to purchase 1 or more additional game  
  • 512% increase in revenue from new fans compared to the 2019-20 season

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About StellarAlgo  

Founded in 2016, StellarAlgo is the leading customer cloud platform for the sports and entertainment industry, serving live audience organizations across North America, including enthusiast brands, sports teams, sponsors, and live events properties. Backed by proprietary machine learning technology trained on over 40 billion interaction data points across more than 100 million unique records, the StellarAlgo platform enables industry professionals to predict and understand how fans engage with their favorite properties while implementing a fan-centric approach that maximizes the lifetime value of their fan universe – it’s the reason more than 110 major and minor league sports franchises, entertainment, and live audience organizations put the StellarAlgo platform at the core of their operations. StellarAlgo is headquartered in Calgary, Canada. For more information, please visit

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