Seattle sounder stadium with fans at night

If there’s one thing Seattle Sounders FC prioritizes, it’s delivering once-in-a-lifetime experiences to their fans. That’s why Sounders FC has partnered with Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster’s innovative tools and services, like SafeTix™ mobile ticketing, help the team build trust with their fans and deliver unique game-day experiences to everyone who enters their gates. Ticketmaster’s tools help Sounders FC enhance season ticket holder benefits, customize communication and engage new fans.

Season Ticket Holder Experiences

Season ticket holders expect excellence from the team – both on the field and during their game-day experience. Sounders FC strives to provide season ticket holders with the exclusive opportunities they expect while offering flexibility with their membership. Leveraging Ticketmaster’s Account Manager platform, the Sounders provide season ticket holders with a quality purchase, upgrade, and ticket management experience. This exclusive hub allows fans to easily add tickets to their Apple Wallet or Google Pay, sell or transfer tickets, receive direct email communication from the team, and more. By taking advantage of the customizable features within Account Manager, Sounders FC opens a deeper level of engagement, not just on game days, but any time they interact with season ticket holders. 

Customizing Communication

Ticketmaster’s LiveAnalytics tool helps Sounders FC learn more about their fans to better customize communication. LiveAnalytics helps clients transform their understanding of fans by providing insights for enhanced, data-driven decision-making.

Sounders FC uses LiveAnalytics’ digital messaging to drive awareness for upcoming matches and improve the gameday experience by keeping fans informed. Messaging might include reminders about what fans need to bring to the next game or may provide suggestions for a smoother experience entering the gate. LiveAnalytics is also used to understand fans’ preferred communication channels better.

We use LiveAnalytics to help tailor our service team’s time and touchpoints with fans. Securing immediate feedback enables us to better engage with fans and unlock new ways of encouraging them to attend games next year,” said Peter Wiggum, Director of Business Strategy and Analytics for Seattle Sounders FC.

Peter Wiggum

Director of Business Strategy and Analytics for Seattle Sounders FC

Reaching New Fans

As the Sounders returned to full capacity games in 2021, SafeTix™ digital ticketing offered the opportunity for the team to learn more about their fans. Nearly 10% of fans who attended games last year were first-time ticket buyers. The Sounders now had a direct connection with these fans who were previously unknown to them. Using LiveAnalytics, the Sounders can engage with the new ticket buyers, leveraging data to improve the overall experience and encourage repeat visits.

Interested in hearing more, directly from Sounders FC? Take the Modern Ticketing Essentials: Beyond the Ticket course and learn directly from the pros!

To learn more about engaging fans through digital ticketing, visit our Product Education and Solutions & Services space in the TM1 Support Community. For more information on Ticketmaster’s innovative solutions, contact us by completing this form.

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