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We’ve recently partnered with TikTok, the leading short-form video platform, in creating a ‘Ticketmaster Mini-App’. By enabling TikTok’s billion+ active users to discover, engage and connect with Ticketmaster events, we’re extending the reach of our clients’ events to a diverse and global audience.

Discover, Engage & Connect

At Ticketmaster, we’re dedicated to connecting fans with the events they love. And our partnership with TikTok does just that – by providing our clients with an outlet to reach new audiences on one of the world’s most impactful and engaging social media apps. With 60% of TikTok users belonging to Gen Z, we’re helping our clients reach the next generation of fans.

In our first 30 days, we’ve hit major milestones reaching new fans and attracting new audiences. With 100 artist and comedian accounts as part of our early-access rollout, over 80M+ video views and more than a half-million new visits to Ticketmaster, this feature is connecting more fans to events they love than ever before!

What Is it & How Does it Work?

The Ticketmaster mini-app is an in-app experience that allows TikTok content creators – artists, teams, venues and fans – to search for Ticketmaster events and add destination links to their videos before posting.

Currently, the mini-app is enabled for a selection of early-access artist, comedian and sports accounts. The feature will be unlocked for all US & Canada users later this year and will then scale to additional markets.

Taking advantage of this partnership is easy whether you are a creator or user:

Creator experience

  1. After recording a TikTok, a creator has the option to ‘Add link’ before posting, by tapping and selecting the Ticketmaster option.
  2. Once selected, a creator can search for any event publicly listed on Ticketmaster through an in-app experience.
  3. Once the desired event, artist or venue page is found, selecting ‘Add to video’ will append the Ticketmaster link and return the creator to the post page.
  4. Once posted, their video will display the event link on the bottom-left for viewers to click and purchase tickets with an in-app browser.

User experience

  1. When browsing TikTok, users may encounter videos that include links to Ticketmaster events, venues and artist pages.
  2. Selecting these links will bring up the Ticketmaster mobile experience within TikTok allowing fans to purchase event tickets directly without ever leaving TikTok.

Interested in Learning More About Our Partnership with TikTok?

To learn more about Ticketmaster’s partnership with TikTok, please check the TM1 Support Community or reach out to your Ticketmaster representative today. 

Want to learn more about our services? Get in touch with us.

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