view of Penn state basketball court with fans at game

College basketball is a sport unlike any other, known for its passionate environments, storied traditions and dedicated fanbases. Fans play a critical role in creating the home-court advantage that can make all the difference in a team’s success. However, one often overlooked factor that can impact this advantage is the seat location of the student fanbase.

Leading up to the 2022-23 NCAA Basketball season, Penn State Athletics relocated their student fanbase, affectionately known as Legion of Blue, behind the team benches. This relocation created an enhanced game day atmosphere at the Bryce Jordan Center, but it also initiated a full reseat process that gave all season ticket holders the opportunity to upgrade their seats. As Penn State moved forward with the reseat, the University partnered with Ticketmaster with the goal of making the process quick, efficient and transparent for all parties involved.

Penn State’s Strategic Collaboration With Ticketmaster

Penn State Athletics and Ticketmaster collaborated to ensure a fair and seamless transition for season ticket holders. The team determined that the capabilities of Ticketmaster’s Account Manager and Virtual Venue would create a positive experience for fans.

The relocation of the student section was a move that we’ve looked at for years. Ticketmaster was a great partner in this effort, both with the tools they brought to the table, and from the level of support and ingenuity we always get from the people there.”

Robert Kristiniak

Associate AD for Ticketing Sales and Service, Penn State Athletics

Streamlining Seat Selection With Virtual Venue

Across all ticketed varsity sports, Penn State Athletics uses Account Manager, a dedicated season ticket sales platform that allows fans to purchase, upgrade and manage their tickets. When the reseat process was announced, Penn State was able to communicate to fans about the upcoming changes to their season tickets within Account Manager via page takeovers, restricted account group messaging and custom call-to-action links.

With effective communication in place, Penn State shifted its focus to efficiency, and Ticketmaster’s Virtual Venue provided an ideal solution for ensuring a smooth seat selection process. Virtual Venue is a feature within Account Manager that provides fans with an immersive 3D preview from any seat without stepping inside the arena. Although visiting Bryce Jordan Center in person was an option, season ticket holders were able to view and compare seats through Virtual Venue, allowing them to make an informed decision while saving time and resources for the University.

Account Manager & Virtual Venue Yield Positive Outcomes

The results from Penn State’s reseat were astounding. By utilizing Account Manager and Virtual Venue, fans made their decision quickly, with an average time of just over 12 minutes to choose a new seat. A significant majority were self-serve, with an impressive 82% of fans requiring no assistance during the seat selection process.

Overall, the University flawlessly executed its reseat process in strategic collaboration with Ticketmaster, providing a seamless experience for fans. Although the actual seat relocation process only took a few weeks to complete, Bryce Jordan Center will feel the effects well into the future, as students will be closer to the court and ready to cheer on the Nittany Lions for years to come.

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